My name is Eileen Garcia and I live in the beautiful town of Savannah, GA. I have a very fun and adventurous three year old boy. We love to spend our days outside soaking up the sun or just being silly. I am an Art major and that element of me leaks into everything that I do. I enjoy reading, running, painting and spending time with my family. Photography is something that has sort of always been a part of me. It began with taking photos of my high school friends and making prints in the darkroom. I carried an old film camera that was handed down by my uncle with me for many years. Capturing my surroundings and anything I found interesting led me to finding a journalistic approach to photography. I have since then been compelled by portraits and it still remains my favorite type of photograph. I started shooting weddings years later when I was asked by a friend who was a Wedding Photographer to assist her and I instantly fell in love! A wedding is a work of art. I use natural light and a gentle guided direction to illustrate the emotion and texture of your wedding. With a journalistic yet natural approach, I am able to capture each wedding's unique story. I am driven by watching the presence of LOVE itself between people and the way their story unfolds. Whether it is a simple portrait of a person or a spontaneous kiss between two lovers, it is that one genuine moment that moves me. 

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